Sarah Jones is Cody York’s Boyfriend, Former Scandal

July 11, 2013


Sarah Jones was a teacher at Dixie Height High School when she was busted for having an inappropriate relationship with Cody York when he was just 17. She eventually copped a plea and avoided jail time, but the charges were not very pleasant to say the least.
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Fast-forward a few years and we are hearing wedding bells…okay not yet. But the plans are in place for these two to actually wed. This story has people shaking their heads.

Jones was eventually pleaded guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual misconduct for having sex with a student after the scandal broke.

Sarah Jones is now 28, while Cody York is 19. He is a college student and she and works part-time as a paralegal for her attorney Eric Deters. I guess that may make paying off those legal bills a bit easier.

Sarah is still in the middle of a lawsuit with the website TheDirty. She is suing for defamation, and it ended in mistrial back in January. A new trial is set to start again in July.

Jones’ defamation lawsuit against the website TheDirty — which ended in a mistrial in January, is set to go forward with a new trial beginning in July. She is suing the site for $100 million.

Sarah’s attorney fully supports her engagement.

“I fully support Sarah and Cody,” Deters told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “And if they want to get married and live happily ever after or not, who knows? Nobody ever knows how marriage turns out. I wish them all the best.”

Well, this is just one of those things. Seems like these two really had a connection. Cody is old enough to decide now, and honestly their age gap isn’t that bad!

I can’t wait to see where all this lead. What do you think? Is it still creepy or not at all?

Update: Sarah had her day in court and this go-getting girl won! She is due to collect over $300,000 from The Dirty website for posting false rumors about her, everything from having STDs to boinking the entire football team. She has found true love in her life after a difficult divorce and will soon have quite a nest egg in her bank account, assuming that they don’t appeal, file bankruptcy or find some other way to skate on the judgment.

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