Jenna Bush Pregnant?

August 16, 2007

Speculation is brewing that Jenna Bush is pregnant. See the photos and try to decide for yourself if she is knocked-up. And read who is the real baby in this story who is doing young women no favors.

The pregnancy speculation is getting put out by some dull people at a blog called Wonkette who are mysteriously troubled that the girl is getting hitched. Their website was once run by a cool chick which gave it a saucy edge. Now some immature guys have taken over who appear to have never had sex.

To me these pictures of Jenna Bush show the average body of a girl who does not get enough exercise. And she is a party girl after all. Jenna Bush has never had a fashion model’s body, and these guys with no life want to ridicule women for eating normally.

These are the kind of kiddies who sit alone in their apartments with their mom’s Victoria’s Secret catalog in one hand pleasuring themselves over anorexic models. Get a life, Alex Pareene and Ken Layne. You are the real baby in this story. Thanks for your contribution to promoting anorexia.

So is Jenna Bush having a baby? Maybe Jenna Bush is pregnant — maybe not. If she is knocked-up, congratulations to her and her new family. What is the problem with celebrity baby news?

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    Is Jenna Bush pregnant? on Product Reviews Net Says:

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  2. 2
    Dolores Says:

    After viewing various pictures on the web claiming that Jenna is pregnant, I see no evidence supporting the fact. The pictures look the same to me (except the muu-mmu) that one is a little sketchy.

    But I wouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched. I only hope that if she is pregnant she is marrying for love and not for the baby’s sake been there done that.

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    Jen's Juice Says:

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