Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy Revelation: Caption This Photo

May 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie revealed today that she had a double mastectomy. No the actress does not have breast cancer but she does have a gene that puts her at greater risk for the disease. In honor of her brave decision, Angelina has been chosen as Right Celebrity’s Caption This Photo contest for the week.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

The A-list actress choice to tell her story in a New York Times op-ed. It was a shocking revelation that has many debating her choice. I will have more on that in one hot second but first let me remind you all about our caption this photo contest. It is super easy, as I am sure you are all well aware by now. However just in case we have some newbies out there here is the drill, just take a look at the above pic of Jolie then caption it by leaving your witty remarks in the below comments section. Next Tuesday when a brand new hot topic and picture are posted check back here to see if your name is in black and white as the big winner, woohoo!

In what is a very brave and bold move not only did Angelina decide to take preventative measures once it was confirmed she had a gene that put her at greater risk for breast cancer but she is also telling her story. In a very open piece in the New York Times, the actress was very honest about her decision and what she has been through since her surgery three months ago. Plain and simple she chose to take this measure because she is a mother. As you may or may not know Jolie’s mother died from breast cancer at the age of 56 after battling ovarian cancer for about 10-years.

I could basically give you the jist of her choice but I think everyone should read why she did it, which you can do right here. She also credits her long time love Brad Pitt for being by her side. It really is a very moving article and I am not even a huge fan of hers. That being said I give her credit for her choice what about you?

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