Amanda Bynes Twitter: Fashion Fail

May 2, 2013

Amanda Bynes has been one hot mess herself in the last several weeks. There has been photo after photo of her looking strange and even a little bizarre on her Twitter account.

Some sources say she is having a mental break down, others say the media is picking on her. Whichever one it is, I hope the people who love her are there for her.

With that said, this is not a part of that bullying. In fact, her posting pictures like this tend to bring her down even more. It’s a desperate call for attention, when she is clearly not feeling great about herself.

The fashion fail is not for her choice of attire, or even for being topless, it’s for not respecting herself. Hopefully someone can check on her and make sure she’s okay before something tragic happens.

Self esteem fashion fail! Check her out on Twitter HERE.

Photos: Amanda Bynes Twitter

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