Shannon Funk is Britney’s Lesbian Lover (Photos)

August 15, 2007

Meet Shannon Funk, who appears to be Britney Spearslesbian girlfriend in these pictures. Funk was her assistant who appears to have helped her in too many ways. See her photos and scanty biography here.

She was served with a subpoena in Kevin Federline’s child custody battle, so she will be testifying if that case goes to trial.

Photos that were published by the UK Star and Ok! Magazine show Britney Spears in a swimming pool kissing Shannon Funk. They are described as a “red hot girl on girl session�? and a “lesbian love-in.” Reportedly, Shannon gently caressed Britney’s boobs, kissed her sweetly and used her hands to stimulate her body.

Funk denies that she is Britney’s lesbian lover despite the witness who saw what happened on that particular night of celebrity lesbo action. “Funk ended up back in Brit’s room and bed.” Shannon is not the only girl to do the celebrity lesbian thing with the fallen starlet. But is Britney Spears a lesbian? Or just confused?

Shannon Funk was with Britney during her infamous OK! magazine photo-shoot, and reportedly disappeared into the bathroom with her only to emerge later looking “disoriented.”

“I love that girl,” she told OK! Magazine. “I will do what I can to protect her.” We believe her, especially after allegedly Britney fired her ass in July 2007.

Shannon had been offered $500,000 to kiss-and-tell everything, and she claims to have naughty photos. Apparently OK! magazine won the bidding war.

As a biography, Shannon Funk is the 21 year old former assistant to Britney Spears for exactly three weeks. That is her 20 minutes of fame, and we can find no other biographical information about her. Oh, except that her mother is named Maureen who told Life & Style magazine that Shannon is a “terrific person.” Please tell us more about her.

See the pictures of Shannon Funk.

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