Soap Dish: Days of Our Lives Men Strip (Video)

April 28, 2013

It is Soap Dish time again and this week I am dishing all about how the hunky men of Days of Our Lives stripped this week. Oh yes it was a Magie Mike moment that was freaking HOT HOT HOT! If you missed the episode never fear you can check it out right here, woot woot!

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Last week some of DOOL’s hottest men took it all off, well most of it off I guess, heating up the hit NBC show. It was a total Mike Mike spook when Daniel, Brady and Rafe did their best strip tease, for charity of course. The guys strutted their stuff to benefit Salem University Hospital as well as to help our there pal Cameron, who had been moonlighting as a stripper. That of course is a big no no, so the guys decide to step up and take it off.

I personally thought the show was awesome, especially since each of the guys dressed up similar to the men of Magic Mike. Plus lets be honest these men are fine, so watching them get down to their skivies was a very nice break in an otherwise long work day. It wasn’t just the guys that made the show either, it was the ladies too. The best part was having Caroline Brady in attendance for the all male strip show, she was front and center too handing out dollar bills like they were candy. It was fabulous.

There tends to be so much drama on Days, on any soap opera really, that it is nice when the comedy comes out and the men of Days stripping was a perfect example of that. I mean these are certainly nice to look at. All In all I say the episode was fantastic and not just because they were half naked but there was an actually storyline that went with it. Friends helping friends out, kinda cool if you ask me.

That is it for this weeks edition of Soap Dish, be sure to check back next week to see what I am dishing about.

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