The Originals: Vampire Diaries Spin-off Picked Up!

April 27, 2013

You guys know I am a Vampire Diaries fiend and so I am super excited that we now have confirmation that The Originals got the spin off!!! On Thursday night the CW ran a special to see how it would do. It brought in 2.2 million viewers and 79% polled requested for it to become a series!

The CW listened and coming this fall we will have an awesome spin-off series. I am super excited about the show and the plot line they laid out for us. So if you missed it, here goes:


Klaus went to Louisiana thanks to Katherine who left him some info that some witches were cooking some stuff for him. Turns out that he knocked up Hayley (thanks to the werewolf side) and she is pregnant with his were baby. The witches want Klaus to kill Marcel, a vampire turned by Klaus, and his protege in a sense. Marcel has been running shiz in Louisiana and the witches don’t like it. But they want things done their way, or they will kill Hayley and the baby.


Elijah convinces Klaus to be a family man and so the series is off to a great start. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t make this separate show, and keep to Vampire Diaries, but next season I will just have more to look forward to I guess.


The CW also announced that The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast (REALLY??!) and Heart of Dixie all got picked up for additional seasons. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson will work their magic once again and I am so looking forward to it!!


While I am glad that the CW made the right call with this series, I am still upset about Ringer. That was a great show, bringing in over 1.8 million viewers. I just can’t see why it didn’t get a chance.

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