Justin Bieber Tour Bus Drug Bust!

April 25, 2013

Justin Bieber’s tour bus was busted for pot in Sweden on Wednesday night. The singers ride was raided and the drugs were found but is the singer really to blame?

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The Europeon leg of his tour is turning out to be not so great for the teen sensation. It seems as though a slew of bad publicity has plagued Justin since he got there. The lastest drama comes in the form a little thing called marijuana. The cops in Stockholm have confirmed to TMZ.com what exactly happened surrounding the raid and bust. Turns out that after the bus left the Grand Hotel, where Bieber and his peeps are staying and headed to the Globe Arena for the show, a cop smelled weed coming from the bus. The police officer then called the narcotics unit, which searched the vehicle while Justin was performing his concert.

There was no one on board when the police raided the bus outside the Globe Arena, which begs the question just whose drugs did the police find? That question has yet to be answered as the cops do not have a suspect. Here is the kicker though, when or if they find the culprit the amount of pot found was so little no charges will be filed. That hasn’t stopped the media from going crazy about this latest bad boy like incident involving Justin. For his part, he has denied that it was his and his tour buddy Jaden Smith has also denied the drugs were his. That being said Bieber was seen out and about with Lil Za earlier that day and as you may or may not recall Lil Za was the guy seen smoking pot with the singer earlier this year in LA. Not that that means anything just simply an observation.

It seems that wherever Justin Bieber goes, so does drama. Is this kid really trying that hard to shed his teen image and prove he is all grown up or is the media looking for anything this kid does wrong just to crucify him? I don’t know but I have to say I am getting sick of hearing about him, what about you?

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