Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 Recap

April 25, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 recap on Night 28 at Camp Enil Edam. The group has just returned from Tribal Council after the Three Amigos, plus Erik, gave super-secret spy-guy Phillip the boot. Erik wonders whether or not he should vote again with the Alpha Males? Meanwhile, the other members of the Stealth-R-Us alliance ponder their situation in their usual, paranoid ways.

Day 29 and Cochran seems to be becoming more paranoid than normal. He is still in shock over how the Alpha Males defeated Phillip and his alliance. Will others flip over and join the Three Amigos? Brenda is also having a bad day. She starts weeping over how hard The Game has become. Stress is taking its toll. Tree-mail arrives with an envelop containing $500 dollars in cash for each player. The Survivor Auction is coming up and Malcolm decides that he will not spend any money on food items, waiting for game advantages to buy.

Time for the Reward Challenge! Malcolm jumps on the first item, duh, a bottle of beer and a bowl of nuts for $20. Jeff Probst says there is a bonus, handing Malcolm a pail full of ice and several bottles of beer, along with a big bowl of pretzels. Reynold wins a mystery item for $180, but has a choice of two other mysteries. He settles for the original one, a single slice of pizza. Mystery #3 was the rest of the pizza, which Sherri buys for $500. Dawn blows her $500 on some roasted chicken. Malcolm spends his remaining $480 for a clue to the find the next hidden immunity idol. Andrea wins a spaghetti dinner for $280, but exchanges it for sacks of rice and beans for the whole tribe. Cochran buys an advantage for the Immunity Challenge. Brenda agonizes over her purchase of pigs brains. Those with cash left buy letters from home for $20 each and Eddie buys a big bowl of peanut butter the others can share for 60 seconds.

Back at camp, the letters are read and everyone is in generally better spirits. The Three Amigos work on Sherri and Erik to get them to flip sides. Their target will be Cochran. Later that night, Malcolm sneaks off to hunt for the idol. Andrea notices and follows him. Cochran joins them later at the water well, but leaves. Andrea, however, is stubborn and refuses to let Malcolm search alone. He gives in and both return to camp.

Day 30 and time for the Immunity Challenge. Each must hold a rope which is attached to a long, heavy log. The rope is knotted and as the event progresses, they must periodically work their way down past the last knot. Cochran′s advantage is that at anytime he may go back up two knots. He does so after the others are down two knots. After 30 minutes, all, except Cochran, are down to their last knot. Brenda and Erik lose their grips. After the rest drop below the last knot, they start falling like flies. Sherri, Malcolm, Andrea, Dawn and Reynold are all out. It is between Eddie and Cochran. Even with his advantage, Cochran is struggling, but sweat causes Eddie to lose his grip and Cochran wins immunity.

So Cochran crows and gloats about his victory back at camp. Malcolm is very nervous so the Three Amigos hatch a scheme to pretend that he has the idol as they continue to recruit Sherri and Erik. Andrea will be the substitute target. The others decide to split their votes, three apiece against Malcolm and Reynold. Cochran is worried that Erik may have been the fourth vote against Phillip and has already flipped. Sherri talks with Erik seeking advice on the vote.

At Tribal Council, Reynold believes that the Big Alliance has been shaken up. Andrea is very worried. Sherri says that she is uncertain about her position with any alliance, which makes Dawn nervous. Malcolm talks about his idol clue. Both Andrea and Dawn think he has it already. Erik admits that he might ′trade-up′ and flip. Cochran is even more worried now about tonight′s vote.

Its time to vote! The first round results in a three-way tie between Malcolm, Reynold and Andrea, since Malcolm had no idol to play. Since none of them can vote in the second round, Malcolm is doomed and goes down 6-zip with even Eddie voting against him. Jeff Probst snuffs out Malcolm′s torch who leaves demanding a drink! I would, too! So ends our recap of Episode 11 of Survivor Caramoan. Spoilers for next week show Reynold struggling at the Immunity Challenge while Cochran sees trouble within his alliance. Is he ready to start thinking about who he might stand with in the Finals? Tune in to find out!

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