Bethenny Frankel Custody Battle Gets Sadder

April 23, 2013

This is starting to work its way into an all time low. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are really throwing below the belt punches in the battle to get full custody of their kid.

The most recent news is that Bethenny will have to undergo a “parenting evaluation” as part of the proceedings. The court has apparently ordered the evaluation, which will include a caseworker of some sort going into her home to examine how she parents and provides for Bryn.

No parent would be comfortable with such a situation, it is really on the list of worst nightmare scenarios to have someone place judgement on your ability to parent. This is different than a friend of family member giving advice. In this case, it will end up being reported back to the court. How sad.

Anyway, that is exactly the scenario Bethenny is facing. Here is how a source described her feelings on the subject:

“Bethenny is furious that her parenting style and methods are going to be questioned. Bryn is her whole life, and she doesn’t want anyone to assess her mothering skills.”

“She does not want a complete stranger to come into her home and pass judgment on the way she nurtures Bryn.”

Well, of course not.

Honestly I’m surprised that she isn’t kicking his butt in family court a little more. I’m guessing she has a lot more money than him. After all, she sold Skinny Girl for a huge pile of money, not him.

The source also added that neither side is giving in:

“Bethenny isn’t going to give up her fight for full custody and neither is Jason. They’re both very stubborn and the court is going to have to make the ruling for them.”

This is a case when the stubbornness is obviously going to affect the child. So it’s about time one of them be the bigger person. After all, being that they are now celebrities, all of this will be available for Bryn to review when she grows up.

Your future kid is watching. Shame, shame.


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