Janelle Evans Arrested After Spat With Boyfriend

April 23, 2013

Wow. So Janelle Evans was arrested again, but this time it’s pretty serious. If she is found guilty of this one, it may turn out that her mother was right about her all along.

This story is almost too sad to be real. The girl who has struggled to stay out of jail and off drugs is now being accused of possessing twelve bundles of heroin. Yes, you read that correctly. Twelve.

She and her ever-so-classy boyfriend were allegedly having some kind of altercation when the police showed up. She is accused of hitting him in the head with some object, he is accused of striking her with a closed fist, and they are both basically screwed. On top of the violence, the police say she had a bunch of heroin and pot paraphernalia. The really top it off, she was supposedly arrested for failing to pay child support.

Sound like Janelle to you? Me, too.

Get the full story over at Pop On The Pop.

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