Kim and Kanye Apart For 85 Days: Dishing Out Big Bucks for Dr. Appts.

April 21, 2013

Kim and Kanye have been apart for 85 days since they announced their pregnancy. They announced it 11 days ago, thanks to our friend POTP for counting!) and since then they have only spent 26 days together. Say what?

That is not how I would want my pregnancy to go. I hope things change! Kanye has been in Paris working on his album and Kim has been in the US filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


It is not as bad as it sounds though, as Kanye is being attentive to Kim’s pregnancy, at least making it home for every single doctor appointment. And dropping big bucks to do so.  Apparently he has been taking a private jet to and from Paris to attend the doctor visits. It has cost him well over $100k.


I jut don’t understand why he doesn’t work over here in the states and get to hang with Kim before their life changes. Going from two to three changes things quite a bit, but they haven’t even been dating that long. I am stressed for them!

At least Kim is officially divorced, I don’t know what possessed Kris to give up after almost two years of fighting, but he finally did and their marriage is over.  That would have been a  huge stress, giving birth to another man’s baby while still married. I know it happens all the time, but I doubt when all parties know. it was kind of skanky to get knocked up before she was divorced, but when has Kim done things on the up and up?


Kim is due in July, I hope she ans Kanye can take a nice long vacation before the baby comes. They will need it to get on the same page.  I mean they need to decide on nannies, wet nurses and certianly how to dress the little sweet pea. All kidding aside, they do have decisions to make so get to it!




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