Ryan Lochte Reality Show: What Would Ryan Do? (VIDEO)

April 20, 2013

Sure, he may be the man who stood next to Michael Phelps as they cleaned house in the most recent Olympic games, but this guy has a life of his own. That became super clear when he was out partying after winning medals in London with his swimming pals.

He was the cute one who was seen in and out of London nightclubs after an impressive showing at the Olympics. Again, he was overshadowed by Phelps, but has still somehow managed to get some attention.

He has a new reality show called “What Would Ryan Do?” Yes, it’s a cheesy title, and it’s definitely a little ego-maniacal — but so is Ryan. That’s the point.

The show chronicles his life at the top, which includes family, friends, dating, and partying.

The strange part is that he hopes the show can raise what he calles “swimming awareness.” I guess that’s the idea that we should care about swimming other than the Olympics. Sorry, Ryan, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Either way, he is on a mission.

As for his favorite moment on the show so far, Ryan says it was his arranged date with Carmen Electra:

“I mean, that was like my little boy dream. I had pictures of her on my wall when she was on Baywatch.”

Here is what he had to say about the show:

“On this show there will be these times when I’m doing the interview part and then I’ll just go completely blank. I lose my train of thought; I’m in my own world. And we call those Ryan Moments… I want that on the show. I want all that stuff on the show because it’s me. That’s Ryan Lochte.”

I guess he wins points for honesty. As far as swimming awareness, I say, best of luck with that! The show premieres April 21.

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