Nicole Eggert Hospitalized While Filming Splash

April 20, 2013

It’s almost as if there couldn’t possibly be a more dangerous idea for a reality television show: put some washed up celebs on top of the high dive and have them compete. It sounds like great television for the viewer, and a scary time for the celebs.

The latest celeb to injure themselves in the reality show ‘Splash’ is Nicole Eggert, who was making headlines for being rushed to treatment.

One outlet reported that she “bungled a high-dive and brutally back-flopped into the pool…”

Ouch. I guess that’s the more dangerous version of a belly flop.

Anyway, the show’s people said that she had a “bad landing,” and is “consulting with a doctor.”

In this case, the way people think nowadays, I don’t think an injury on the set would be bad for the show. Heck, I wasn’t really planning on watching until I read this headline. I’m not saying I want people to get hurt, but this makes it a little more compelling.

It turns out that she didn’t suffer any serious injuries and was released on the same day. As for whether she will return to the show, it’s unclear. We’ll have to stay tuned for news.

Eggert joins a pretty lengthy list of people who have been injured on the show, some of whom have been forced to quit:

1) Chuy Bravo someone managed to injure his foot while simply watching the other people dive
2) Miss Alabama Katherine Webb quit after suffering a back injury during a bad landing
3) Skier Rory Bushfield apparently ruptured his ear drum during a dive, but has vowed to keep going
4) Kendra Wilkinson just couldn’t get over her fear of heights and quit

… is this show cursed? I don’t think so, it’s just dangerous. There is a reason most people swim their whole lives, then join either a private league, or a school swim team before doing any real diving. It takes practice and experience.

Let’s hope all of the contestants make it out alive.

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