Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Recap -Ding-Dong, The Spy is Gone

April 18, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 recap on Night 25 at Camp Enil Edam. Just returning from Tribal Council, Phillip calls for an emergency meeting of his ′Stealth-R-Us′ alliance, the least stealthy spy organization in the history of espionage! While they brood away, the Alpha Males, Reyonld, Eddie and Malcolm, the R.E.M. Alliance, discuss the need to find another immunity idol. The others still do not know that Malcolm has one. Meanwhile, Dawn is having panic attacks now that it is obvious that she did not vote along with Reynold after he showed her his idol.

Day 26 and Dawn screams for help. Brenda, the only person who seems to care, runs to find her. It turns out that Dawn lost a dental retainer while bending over the lagoon. Brenda fetches a mask and snorkel and dives in the water, locating the missing retainer. Dawn is happy once again, but her nerves are frazzled.

Time for a Reward Challenge. The prize is a nice lunch at a swanky resort spa. Divided into two teams of five, the players must run, one at a time, across a muddy obstacle course, find five bags of balls, then throw all twelve into a basket. Malcolm, who leads for Team Orange, takes a long time searching for each bag so the rest of his team doesn′t have to. Purple builds a lead because of this, even after Reynold does the same for them. In the end, Purple easily wins.

So Reynold, Phillip, Dawn, Cochran and Erik enjoy a ay at the resort. Well, sort of enjoy. Despite there being facilities for each to wash themselves before using the pristine swimming pool, Phillip jumps in the water still wearing all of his mud and filth. This annoys Erik and others. Later that evening, Dawn has trouble sleeping, still worried about her betraying the deal she made with the R.E.M. alliance. The next day, her anxiety begins to transform into full-blown paranoia, causing Phillip and Cochran to be concerned as to her stability and usefulness.

Day 28 and Dawn gets a full night of sleep. She appears happier and more in control of her runaway emotions. Phillip gathers his alliance to decide on what to do next? Reynold is to be the primary target, but they will split their votes to also include Malcolm just in case another idol is in play.

Time for the Immunity Challenge! Players are to swim a length underwater to fetch some rope rings which must be placed on a pole on a floating platform offshore. Five players compete in the first ′heat′ with Reynold and Andrea advancing. In Heat 2, Phillip opts to sit it out because he had some childhood terror underwater. Malcolm and Brenda advance to join Reynold and Andrea in the Final Round. This time, they must fetch five rings to win immunity. Reynold and Malcolm dominate the event with Reynold winning by mere seconds.

Back at camp, Phillip decides to split their vote four against Malcolm and three against Eddie. Meanwhie, R.E.M. search for another idol. Dawn and Andrea also go looking and watch Malcolm as he finds it! They report this to Phillip who decides to make Eddie the primary target.

At Tribal Council, Eddie seems convinced that he may be going home tonight. Malcolm′s discovery of an immunity idol is discussed. Phillip explains his fear of swimming – yawn! Andrea says that things at camp are in turmoil. Malcolm reveals that he has two idols and gives one to Eddie, so none of the Alpha Males are going home tonight! He also informs the others that they will be targeting Phillip with their 3 votes. This causes panic within the other alliance as people whisper back and forth on what to do. Michael, the first Jury member, is enjoying the chaos. Erik raises the possibility that no idol might be played. Phillip tells his allies to stick to their original plan, but even Cochran is freaking out. It is time to vote.

We are not shown how anyone voted. When Jeff gathers the ballots, he asks if anyone will play an idol? Eddie does so and Malcolm reluctantly also hands over his, too. The vote went two against Malcolm (Phillip and Cochran) and the others against Eddie. But Erik broke ranks and sided with R.E.M., voting Phillip out with four votes. So Mr. Spy-Guy is sent to join Michael on The Jury. Not sure how pleased Michael is about having to be around Phillip for the next 11 days? So ends our recap of Episode 10 of Survivor Caramoan. Spoilers for next week show the Alpha Males trying to recruit Erik and Sherri. We also have the popular Survivor Auction event.

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