Aubrey Plaza Pulls A ‘Kanye West’ At MTV Movie Awards (Video)

April 15, 2013

MTV awards shows never seem to lack a little craziness and the Movie Awards last night were no exception. In a very bizarre moment Aubrey Plaza pulled a ‘Kanye West’ and interrupted Will Ferrell’s acceptance speech.

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Although not quite as controversial, it certainly has people talking and got her kicked out of show. If you missed the moment, never fear you can see it in the below video. It really is s must see video. No one really knows what got into the Parks & Recreations actress, who decided to literally get on stage and try to take Will’s award away while he was giving his acceptance speech for Comedic Genius.

The brunette beauty for whatever reason decided to jump on stage, barefoot and attempt to grab the award from Ferrell. He being the true comedic that he is, never missed a beat and didn’t let go of his award. Plaza for her part didn’t speak at all while on stage, despite the actor asking her “What’s happening?” and ‘Are you okay?” Aubrey finally gave up and went back to her front row seat. Not long after that she was escorted out of the show.

Although Will awkwardly joked that things went down just like rehearsal, you could clearly tell it was not a prank. Later on Plaza took to Twitter to send the message “Thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned!” All in all it was just a really bizarre moment that even the actress has yet to comment on. Could she have just been wasted who the heck knows but none the less it was one of the craziest moments of the night that had fans Tweeting about it immediately after it happened. Gotta love social media.

Aubrey Plaza pulled a ‘Kanye West’ last night at the MTV Movie Awards by trying to steal Will Ferrell’s moment in the spotlight. As for why she pulled the stunt that is so far a secret but here is hoping someone in her camp releases a statement soon. In the mean time why do you think she did it?

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