Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Divorce Battle Rages On!

April 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce battle is heating up again, only this time there just might be an end in sight. A mandatory hearing took place today, however one of the two parties decided to skip it. now the duo have an official divorce trail date set, woohoo!

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There marriage was only 72 days long but there divorce proceedings have laste over a year and half, with neither side willing to give in. Today a judge took steps to finally put an end to the Kardashian/Humphries sham of a marriage. A mandatory hearing took place in Los Angeles and although Kim was there, on time and looking very fab I might add, Kris was a no show. The judge was not too pleased about it too. His decision to skip the hearing could be a big win for the Kim K but we won’t know exactly what the impact will be unti May 6th.

AFter months of depositions and he said she said mumbo jumbo, a divorce trial date has been set, the above date I mentioned marks the beginning of the trial. The hearing today was to see if the two could actually reach a settlement, like that was going to happen. Kris as I mentioned decided not to attend, now the two will face each other in court where a judge will decide if a divorce or annulment will be granted.

As for the repercusions that Kris may face for not attending the hearing today, that will be determined on April 19th. Basically it will be decided then if he should be sanctioned or not whatever that means. Even if no official actions are taken against word on the street in the judge in the case was pretty pissed that the basketball player was a no show. That could very well be a good thing for Kardashain, just sayin.

Well it looks like there is an end insight for the ill fated short term joke of a marriage between Kim and Kris, if she is lucky it might even happen before she gives birth this summer.

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