Anne Hathaway Sucks

August 15, 2007

There are supposed celebrity photos of Anne Hathaway doing something to his Italian squeeze while wearing a stylish blue bikini. But is she really yumming it up in these pictures? Is actress Anne Hathaway naughty or nice?

Gone Hollywood is reporting this is proof of an Anne Hathaway scandal. She actually does this acting in the movie “Havok” in the backseat of a car. You might find that film in our video archive. But going off in real life with a guy laying down right next to them?

There is someone else who thinks that Anne Hathaway sucks. Stop it already. See more bikini pics. These pictures do not suck.

As Hollywood Tuna puts it, “if you think Anne is giving you know what while he’s on the phone, sitting next to their friends, chances are you haven’t been laid in a while.” Hey, maybe they are trusted friends and it is an important business phone call.

We think she is simply caught in a bad location with the paparazzi camera turned on her womanly ways. Let’s call it a “B” movie and we know that B movies suck. See all the photos below and you decide what is really going on between this Hollywood actress and her rich boy toy.

At the very least see the candid picture of Anne Hathaway in a baby blue bikini. What more could you possibly want?

We know.

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One Response to “Anne Hathaway Sucks”

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    Dave Says:

    Oh come on! She’s totally giving head! This is Dave from pandjtime btw lol.