Kris Humphries A No Show To Court!!

April 12, 2013

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Today Kris Humphries was a no show for court. Both parties were supposed to be there to try and reach a settlement. It was clear that Kris was not going to show, because he was still in New York when court began at 8:30 am. Kim showed up in another one of her hideous pregnancy uniforms and she surrounded herself with about ten police officers. Now she is wasting tax payers money and time.


Now don’t get me wrong I know I am coming at Kim kinda hard. I like the girl, really I do. I think she is beautiful, a smart business woman, usually fashionable and I think she is also fun. But this divorce has me steaming mad. Married 72 days? That is 100% a shame. you do NOT give up on a marriage in 72 days, I’m sorry, you just don’t. She has now been fighting this divorce  four times longer than she was married. It is disgusting. Just give the man his annulment. Some people have real values. Kris is claiming that Kim married him for ratings on her reality show and that their marriage is a fraud. There will be testimony about how parts of the show is staged. I just don’t understand why she won’t concede.


Both Kim and Kris must come back April 19 for another pre-trial conference, and if they can’t come to an agreement, then a trial is set for May 6th. That would take about a week to come to a resolution. I am dying to see how this turns out. If they do come to a settlement, then the judge has already ordered that it remains confidential.  I am doubting that. These two are both ready to show down. I don’t think Kris wants money, so I don’t think there is a buy out number he is willing to go for.


What is your take on all this?





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