Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Recap

April 11, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 recap on Day 23 at Camp Elin Edam. Phillip and his alliance are still in full control of The Game. Reynold is happy that Corrine, a Favorite, was sent home instead of himself. Malcolm thinks that he must make a big move now to gain control. Phillip recruits Sherri into his Stealth-R-Us alliance, assigning her a secret code name, Tenacity. Michael is the next target to be picked off.

Time for a Reward Challenge. The group divides themselves into two teams of five, with one player to defend a watery goal while the rest try to throw a ball past the opposing goalie. with Sherri being left out. The Purple Team has Erik, Eddie, Reynold, Cochran and Michael, who is their goalie. The Orange Team has Phillip, Brenda, Andrea, Dawn and Malcolm for a goalie. The event is fairly even but Purple manages to win by a score of 4-3. Their prize is a rappelling experience off a waterfall with a picnic lunch to boot.

At the waterfall, Cochran has some misgivings about rappelling. Not exactly his ′cup of tea.′ Neither is the conversation during the picnic lunch where 3 Alpha males and Michael talk about an all-men alliance dominating The Game. Back at camp, Malcolm starts working on Sherri and Dawn to join his alliance. Naturally, Dawn runs back to Phillip and spills the beans. The new plan, now, is to pretend that they will split their vote between Reynold and Eddie while actually blindsiding Malcolm.

Day 25 and love may be blooming between Andrea and Eddie. They are spending some time together and seem to be attracted to one another. Eddie tries to convince her that he is flexible as far as alliances go. But he pretends to be ignorant about who might have an idol. Andrea is uncertain she can really trust him, though she wants to.

Time for the Immunity Challenge! It is to be a test of endurance and overcoming fear as each must stand off shore in the water underneath a steel grate. The tide is rolling in and they start with only about 6 inches of space between the grate and the sea level. After 30 minutes, they are down to 3 inches. After an hour, there is barely one inch of clearance and people start dropping out. Phillip is the first to go. One by one they bail out as the water starts to cover the grate. It is down to Brenda and Andrea with Andrea finally caving after a valiant effort. Brenda wins immunity!

Back at camp, Malcolm tells Dawn that Reynold has an idol to win her support to vote off Andrea. She wants to see it before she commits. So Malcolm has Reynold show it to her. But Reynold upsets Dawn when he tells her that if she betrays him, she′ll pay for it. Meanwhile, Eddie confronts Andrea about the plot to split their votes against Reynold and him. She tells Eddie that he is safe but he then spills the beans that she may be a target. So Andrea panics and tells Cochran that they must vote off Michael instead since he is the safer vote. When Dawn finds out, she becomes upset because she wanted Malcolm gone.

At Tribal Council, Michael makes it clear that he is willing to work with any alliance that would help him. Phillip announces that Sherri is part of his alliance now. Reynold thinks tonight will be a big move for somebody. Andrea feels threatened but seeks loyalty. Phillip says that those who are unreliable or have hidden idols will be flushed out by his team of secret agents.

It is to vote. We see Malcolm cast his ballot for Reynold. Before Jeff Probst can count the votes, Reynold decides to play his idol. Malcolm convinces Reynold to give it to him because he is the target tonight. Reynold gives it up to Malcolm! Nice drama but wasted for the vote went 7 against Michael with Reynold just getting Malcolm′s vote and Reynold, Eddie and Michael voting to boot Andrea. Michael gets his torch snuffed out by Jeff and then calls the rest a bunch of turkeys!

So ends this week′s Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 recap. Spoilers for next week show Dawn having an emotional breakdown. Will she pull herself out of The Game? Tune in to find out!

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