Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry Engaged!

April 9, 2013

The former Roseanne star is planning to tie the knot with girlfriend Linda Perry. The announcement was working its way around the web this week, which is timed just right with the major push for same-sex marriage nationwide.

Gilbert, who could be seen as Darlene on the show for years, became a major part of American pop culture with the role, but surprised some fans when she first came out. Naturally, not all fans were surprised.

Regardless, the actress has made her engagement public with Linda Perry, whom she has been dating for a year.

It sounds very sweet! She gave a complete account of it to the media today:

“We go to a park, we have food and we’re eating it, it’s really sweet and there’s this guy sitting playing guitar, like a street musician…He starts playing this song that we love… I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s so weird, this is so magical and amazing.’ Suddenly the people picnicking next to us pull out string instruments from under the blanket and walk over and they start playing Love Song (by the Cure).”

That was just the beginning. The most amazing proposal ever continued after that.

Next thing Gilbert knew, Perry pulled out four different t-shirts, each with the words “Will..You..Marry..Me?” on them.

Oh, no, it’s not over. After that a musician came by and started to play a love song for her.

Sheesh. It’s almost a little too much, but good for them.

Sara has two children with her former lover, and has shared custody of them. It looks like they will be getting to know Linda even better in the coming months.

The next question is what kind of wedding they will have. I have a feeling they won’t exploit it like so many other celebs have done. Sure, they’re celebs, but they aren’t exactly your typical couple.

Check out a video of Sara and Linda below. We wish them luck!

Pictures: PR Photos

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