Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

April 8, 2013

Farrah Abraham sex tape? Really? i have to admit I am kind of in shock about this one!



Okay, hear me out – I have watched these “Teen Mom’s” since they were 16 & Pregnant, so I feel like I have a pretty good feel of what to expect from these girls. So this kind of threw me off course, and I didn’t believe it until I saw that TMZ had posted that James Deen, yes the porn star, confirmed that he got tested with Farah and made a video. Woah.

Farrah comes from such a strict, religious family that I just never saw this one coming. She also seems way too uptight to get into this sort of thing. Additionally, she is one of the more successful Teen Moms to date, having scored a few modeling gigs, a New York Times Best Seller book on the market and hosting gigs. So I don’t get the need for such…urgent money.

TMZ caught up with Farrah and questioned her about the sex tape, and at first she played it coy, but then said if there is a tape being shopped around, her lawyers will be handling it.

TMZ: So, Farrah, can you elaborate a little bit on what we spoke about earlier?

Farrah: A library?

TMZ: No, “elaborate.”

Farrah: E-lab-or-ate? Who are you and why are you asking me about a tape?

TMZ: Have you heard about this, though? That you have a sex tape that’s out, that’s being shopped around right now?

Farrah: I don’t know. You know what? There should be no tape and if they’re shopping it around, my lawyer’s going to talk about that.

TMZ: Can you confirm its existence?

Farrah: I don’t exist anything about that. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Personally that is going to make me upset, so I don’t know why you would ask me about it.

TMZ: We have sources that say that they’ve seen the tape and it’s an hour long.

Farrah: Who’s your source? You know what? I think it’s made up. People make shit up all the time.

TMZ: This could be advantageous to your career. A lot of young starlets get their start from these things.

Farrah: I’m not even worried about that. I work hard on my own professionally and I don’t need sex tapes or any of that bullshit.

This is just overwhelming and shocking. Her latest Twitter update?

I have the best relationship with my parents even on a shocking day like today. yes I’m a great daughter & amazing mother #Happy


What do you think? Is there legit a Farrah Abraham sex tape???

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