Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot?

April 8, 2013

Have you seen those pics of Miley Cyrus on vacation smoking what everyone is claiming  to be weed? She does seem very chill, but she is a celeb. And besides that, who he heck cares?

Is this Miley Cyrus? via Instagram

So we don’t have the actual photos cause they were only released by a few photo agencies – excuse us if we don’t like being sued. Anyway, our friends over at Celeb Dirty Laundry have the photos, where you can take a nice long look and <strike>wish it was you</strike> see for yourself.


Well if after looking at those pictures you are still wondering, questioning whether your little mouseketeer could possibly have turned into a wild child, then let me give you some more info. She later Tweeted about her Twitter blowing up and assured fans that she was fine. Saying they needed to chill, she was just in a “creative space.” Okay, convinced now?


But who cares. She is an adult. She is a musician. She is on vacation. She can do whatever she wants. Surely there are worse things this beautiful, talented girl could be doing. I say, keep on keeping girlfriend, haters gonna hate. Let’s hear some more amazing music and we are all good.


This isn’t the first time Miley has been under heat for smoking the ganja – Back in February an Instagram pic came out with the caption “High as f**k.” But Miley denied it was her in the picture, saying, “I don’t have an Instagram.” And back in 2010, a video was leaked in which Cyrus was seen inhaling from a bong at her 18th birthday party, but her rep cleared that up as only being  the herb salvia.


I think what she meant was my Instagram is private!! Someone is snitching…




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