Soap Dish: General Hospital Celebrates 50 Years!

April 7, 2013

It is Soap Dish time again and this week I am dishing all about the 50th anniversary of General Hospital, woot woot!


The celebration of the milestone anniversary kicked off this week on and off the show. The nurses ball started the festivities on the show bringing back what was once a long standing tradition for the folks in Port Charles. It was also the focus for the return of some old favorites that brought the history of the show front and center. In what I thought was a great storyline that went right along with the special anniversary was the hospital honoring Tom Hardy on what would have been his 50th Anniversary at GH hospital.

Although the nurses ball was a big focus for the week there was another storyline that played on history too, the Spencer/Cassadine feud! Not only did Nicholas and Ethan return but Luke and Laura faced Helena for what could very well be the last time. Is this 30-year feud really over? Who knows but it was one heck of a week for those three. Personally I have been a big fan of GH since I was a kid and the Spencer/Cassadine feud is one of my favorites.

Big things weren’t just happening on GH. Nope Katie Couric not only did a 20/20 special about the show and dedicated her entire talk show to GH one day, which included chats with soem of the cast members. If you missed either of those shows I highly suggest you watch them online because they were both amazing. Actually you can view the Katie show episode in the below video.

SoapNet dedicated not one but two weekends to running 50 hours of General Hospital 50th Anniversary marathon. I spent a good portion of my weekend watching it and it was awesome. I got to see the very first episode, which was so cool. The 50 episodes spanned all 50-years with various storylines and pivotal moments.

Like I said above I have been watching GH for years and with the state of the soap operas today it makes me so thrilled the show is still on the air. Here is hoping that 60-years is the next big milestone that the show will celebrate!

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