Kordell Stewart, Porsha Williams Divorce Gets Uglier

April 7, 2013

As if things could get any worse for these two. They were already bitten by the reality TV curse, but now they are just taking unfair shots at each other.

By now most people know that Kordell filed for divorce. From there, things have gone down hill fast. Kordell seemingly surprised everyone by filing for divorce, and he made it known that he didn’t think there was any way they could make things better.

All of a sudden it was big news, and people began trying to guess what went wrong.

Now, as the divorce is starting to get underway, it’s just plain awkward.

Recent reports state that they are still living in the same house with Porsha’s step son. But Kordell is claiming that Porsha goes out all night partying and doesn’t hold up her end of the bargain… he even used the word “neglect” when describing how she is caring for him.

That’s ugly stuff.

What’s even more bizarre is that Kordell says she calls the cops every time she wants to get back into the house at night — even though she has her own set of keys.

He says he locks up the house for security reasons, and that he never knows when she is coming or going. Sometimes she leaves for days at a time, according to Stewart, then returns smelling like liquor.

Porsha now says there is another woman in the house, but of course Stewart says she is just the nanny.

As for the money situation, it has yet to be sorted out. Most people think there was a pre-nup signed, which should make things pretty simple. But that hasn’t stopped Porsha from seeking temporary support in court, which Kordell says ain’t gonna happen. He claims that she is a celebrity and can support herself.

This divorce is just as scandalous and juicy as the show! Stay tuned for more craziness.




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