Jay-Z, Beyonce Cuba Trip Raises Questions

April 7, 2013

Okay, they’re rich. Sure, they’re powerful. But are they above the travel restrictions that the United States has placed on its citizens? I think they might be, after all.

It all started with a photo of Jay strolling through the streets of Cuba with a cigar in his hand. His lady, Beyonce was next to him, grinning all the way.

Seemed harmless, right?

But from there, things got a little funky. People started to wonder what their purpose for the trip was. Did they go simply for a cultural enrichment? That’s really the only kind of tourism allowed for Americans at the moment. In fact, the be granted the ability to go, you have to show some kind of agenda detailing what you will do down there, and even provide justification as some sort of academic trip.

I’m guessing that’s not exactly what they were doing down there.

Anyway, the people who are raising the biggest stink are two US Representatives from Florida, who want to know if Cuba actually helped them get there in the first place.

There have been stories of customs officials in Cuba turning a blind eye to such a thing, but people here in the US seem to feel a little different. Some say going there and spending thousands of dollars gives the crazy government down there more steam. Others say that it’s just a matter of enjoying a beautiful country.

I think it’s both. The regime of Fidel and now his brother have been accused of some pretty sick things — but I don’t think that’s what Jay and Beyonce had in mind by visiting.

Now those representatives are launching an investigation to figure out how the whole thing happened. They even mention that the Cuban government used news of the couples trip in their own propaganda, and called the trip “tourism.” Of course they also mentioned how oppressive the government is down there.

To be clear, here is what you are allowed to get a license to travel to Cuba for:

“(the agency) does not authorize transactions related to activities that are primarily tourist-oriented, including self-directed educational activities that are intended only for personal enrichment.”

Hmmm.. I think they may have violated that one. We’ll see.

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