Amanda Bynes Meltdown Underway?

April 7, 2013

Amanda Bynes might be in the midst of a complete meltdown. Recent tweets, photos, and celebrity news items have lead some to think she might be headed for disaster.

By now, everyone has heard her Tweet about Drake. It was gross, but it was maybe not all that troubling by itself.

Most people just kind of shrugged after she posted it — some were maybe even a little excited by it. But it is starting to sound like Tweeting something like “I want Drake to murder my vagina,” could be the beginning of a lot more bizarre behavior.

Take one story from a hotel say she had recently. Other patrons of the hotel say that she would just come down to the lobby wearing a different wig everyday, and just sort of hang out. They didn’t seem too amused by it, according to reports.

Then there is the story from a salon she went to. She supposedly showed up with some really messed up extensions, and tried to have them fixed. There were two big problems; one, she refused to take off her sunglasses. And two, her card was declined.

The people at the salon reportedly tried to fix her hair, even with her glasses in the way, but then she allegedly ditched out when it was time to pay. One outlet even called her a “retired millionaire.”

Family is apparently pretty concerned — so concerned that they went to a place that really anyone would turn to when they are in trouble: a tabloid magazine. Yep, her family told InTouch: “She’s completely resisting any help that her family wants to give her.”

As for Bynes, she blames the media for making her out to seem crazy:

It wasn’t long after that Tweet that she wrote about having an eating disorder that makes it hard for her to stay thin.

I think we have a real hot mess alert on our hands. Stay tuned, and let’s hope she makes a turn around.

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