Miley Cyrus Pot Smoking Pics Allegedly Surface

April 7, 2013

So we may have to file this under the not-such-a-big-deal category, but the Internet is blazing with a collection of very suspicious pics that sure look like they show Miley Cyrus smoking pot.

Let’s start by reminding readers that this is definitely not the first time photos like these have been circulating. Recently, there was a little curiosity sparked by an Instagram photo that showed someone with their faces obscured, smoking what looked like a huge joint.

These pics, however, are pretty clear. They show the former Disney star on a balcony in Miami really enjoying a hand-rolled cigarette of some sort. The way that she is holding it, her facial expressions, and her laughter are what seems to seal the deal — but we still can’t prove it.

British tab, The Daily Mail, is all over the case, with the simple title “Is Miley Cyrus Smoking a Joint?”

They wrote:

“The 20-year-old singer was seen inhaling and puffing smoke into the air as she sat outside at her accommodation in Miami, Florida with the brown paper coated item.”

I love how they call it “her accommodation.” Anyway, we can definitely read between the lines with these pics.

Sure, the attitudes about pot are changing nation wide. At least two states have completely legalized it, and several others allow it for medicinal use. But not Florida. I guess that means little old Miley might have been breaking the law if that is what she was up to.

That’s okay, because her wardrobe choices should be illegal as well. Sometimes I wonder if she had been smoking something when she got dressed in the morning. This discover might clear everything up after all.

Thanks Miley.

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