Kim Kardashian Bare Baby Bump!! (PHOTOS)

April 6, 2013

Finally! Kim Kardashian is embarrassing her bump! the beauty posted this gorgeous picture to her Instagram account and let me tell you – girlfriend looks good!

I will admit, I have been ragging on her maternity wear, or lack there of, during her whole pregnancy. The skin tight pencil skirts, the tight dresses, too short frumpy dresses, she was a hot mess. I have not been as bad as many other people, who resort to calling her fat, but I honestly think that is just ridiculous and disgusting, she is not fat. pregnant is not fat. She is beautiful, her fashion is just off these past few months.

Anyway this picture Kim just posted to her Instagram is just beautiful. her clothes are appropriate, maternity wear and she is embarrassing her beautiful bump. Kim wore skintight black leggings and a thin white T-shirt pulled up to exposed her six-months round baby bump on “Baby love,” she captioned the photo.

So cute!!!

Kim told E! News that she actually likes her baby bump.

“I think it’s really cute,” she said. “Now that my belly has popped a little bit, you can really see it, and it’s really, I think, a sexy thing.”

There have been some other pics out there of Kourtney and friends arriving at Kim’s house with pink gifts, hinting at the sex of Kim’s baby, but I think it is far too early for a baby shower. It is either a decoy, OR it is for someone else.

I hope that people start to leave her alone about being fat. What a sad society we live in that people feel like it is okay to bully a pregnant woman and make her feel crappy about changes that happen so drastically. Uggh. It is a huge adjustment, but a beautiful process.

Here’s to more bare belly pictures.

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