Paola & Chiara Kamasutra Video

December 2, 2006

Here are the provocative Italian recording stars, sisters Paola & Chiara Lezzi in their controversial video Kamasutra.

Italian videos are more provocative than the average American video, and this one has been controversial on the television networks in Europe. It has just a little debauchery of every kind imaginable, so it isn’t for everyone’s tastes. But it is very artistic and mainstream.

There is a censored version and an uncensored version of this video. This is the uncut version. We are playing it for three reasons. First, it is artistically interesting (I think). Second, it tells us something about the embrace of eroticism in Italian art that harkens back to their ancient Greek and later Renaissance influences. And third, it was requested last week by a visitor and we aim to please. This video is about 3 minutes.

It is everything that Madonna wasn’t allowed to do.

Paola and Chiara
Italian Sex Symbol Superstars

More photos of Paola e Chiara can be found everywhere on google.

A biography for Paola & Chiara is below, courtesy of the nice people in Italia.

On February 27, 1973, a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes was born. Her name is Chiara. March 30, 1974, the sister, with dark hair and a dark complexion was born. Her name is Paola.

The two sisters grew up like twins in the same clothes with the same tastes. The adolescence was essential. Chiara went to an artistic school and Paola went to a classic school. In the mean time, after many episodes and groups from the Milan area, the sisters found themselves in their first, real formed group, the Elefunky. The group, specializing in the funky sound. They were shown to the “Human Bolgia” of Milan when their fortune entered into the club, long nose, ace to tip, Claudio Cecchetto. Cecchetto was feverishly looking for a group that would help Max Pezzali.

It was for this that the two sisters left the smoky clubs of Milano to touch the stages of Italy joining in FestivalBars and they would become part of a choir and would play the giutar and trombone. Quickly, after a worthy album, “La donna, il sogno ed il grande incubo,” and a big tour, the girls chose an independent way and decided to become solo artists.

After seeing “Braveheart” and a trip to Ireland, they were inspired by magic places and a great trip that gave them a feeling of real Irish feedom. The girls returned to Dublin, with the insperation of many songs in their minds. Quickly they thought of Sanremo: flying with the oppurtunity of the selection of Sanremo Giovani 1996. The song In Viaggio had alot of interest with the fans, and quickly they grew close to the girls, not only attracted to their rare beauty, but to the amazing talent. They won the festival of Sanremo in the section “giovani” 1997, like two irish fairies, with long hair, dark and blonde, and with the significant tattoos on their stomachs of the irish clover signifying their love for Ireland, along with their song Amici come Prima with a slow rhythm.

Soon came their first album Ci Chiamano Bambine a mist of rock, pop, and interesting lyrics. Sales were extremely high, and the sisters were satisfied doing many concerts. Opening the only italian concert bu Micheal Jackson, the girls played behind the “San Siro” studio in Milan, the recording the song for the Disney film Hercules Ti Vada o No. Glorious was the summer of 1997 also with thanks to the success of Bella on the stage of Festivalbar.

The girls were preparing for their first winter tour in January: a mini-tour in Northern Italy. The new year would bring many changes in Paola & Chiara. They cut their hair, with Chiara’s returning to its original color: dirty blonde. They lost the adolescent clothes and replaced them with clothes more rock also leaving dressing the same behind. Paola e Chiara participated in the category of “Big” at Sanremo 1998 with their song Per Te which would become a huge radio success.

In the fall of 1998, the second album of their young carrer Giornata Storica more mature and more rock then pop in the lyrics. Unfortunatly the sales were as expected and Paola & Chiara began a time of crisis. They began seeking other options such as apperances on television and radio.

Not desperate, they leave their past behind them, living in the present. Life rivived itself during the working of their third album Television . It was changing: Television came out at the opening of the summer of 2000. A work more refined, less rock more dance, and electric. The first song of the album was Vamos a Bailar (esta videa nueva), destined to become the “the reigning song of the summer of 2000″ (platinum disc and the #1 song for 6 consecutive weeks on the charts). The song was continuosly played on the radio, and the sisters won with the best single trionfintly at Festivalbar 2000. Paola and Chiara came out to the italian frontier and becoming big in other parts of the world. Paola and Chiara became risque on the cover of GQ and thanks to their third single Viva el Amor (elected at Gay Pride 2001) they became the queens of Gay Pride ( participating at Gay Pride and serate Gay). Thanks to the exit of three other fantastic singles, Television flew on success for 2 years.

Never happy, Paola and Chiara in 2002 are working on their fourth album Festival pulling ahead with the title song “Festival” which will be the first single and will arriav quickly to the top of the charts.

If you use the following English translation of the lyrics for Kamasutra.

Flower of evil, give me your heart
in my perfume let yourself go
I am chained without pride now
you have known for a long time how much I want you.

Surrender yourself to me
What is love?

Yes give me ecstasy, I am in orbit, kamasutra
Yes we are in ecstasy, sexy cha-cha-cha, kamasutra.

Fly in the heart of desire,
kiss the night that darkens the sky
among my legs, on your skin
sublime play under the stars.

Surrender yourself to me
Where is love?

Yes give me ecstasy, I am in orbit, kamasutra
Yes we are in ecstasy, sexy cha-cha-cha, kamasutra. .

Yes give me ecstasy, I am in orbit, kamasutra
Yes we are in ecstasy, sexy cha-cha-cha, kamasutra.

Yes give me ecstasy, I am in orbit, kamasutra
Yes we are in ecstasy, sexy cha-cha-cha, kamasutra.

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