Miley Cyrus Boyish Fashion Fail!

April 5, 2013

Miley Cyrus is actually pretty fashion forward…okay maybe not so much. But you have to give her credit for trying. In this case, maybe she tried too hard.

Seriously, in this pic, it looks like she raided a middle school boy’s locker. She needs to really grow back some hair, and put on some more lady like clothing.

Not that I care about gender roles, but when you are skinny with short hair, it’s just a little awkward to wear clothes like that.

As for the bright lipstick. I guess it works with certain outfits, but it’s ridiculous to wear dark shorts and a tank top with bright lip stick. The contrast doesn’t do anything for her.

So for now Miley, you’ve earned a strong Fashion Fail. And yes, we are picking on you on purpose. You have potential and always manage to leave yourself looking disheveled.

Readers: what do you think about the pic?

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