Survivor Caramoan Episode 8 Recap

April 4, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 8 recap on Night 19 at Bakil Beach. The gang has returned from Tribal Council after giving Julia the boot. Michael, the last ′fan′ standing, is happy, as is his ally, Corrine. Phillip talks with Corrine and Dawn, telling them that he intentionally threw the Immunity Challenge in order to get rid of at least one more fan before any merge. Was this the right move?

Day 20 and the Bikal ′Favorites′ pow-wow over what to do if The Merge happens. Dawn seems most anxious since last time, Cochran had sold her out when he flipped sides. She is determined not to make the same mistakes twice. Over at Camp Gota, a large boat approaches their shore. One local hands them a message ordering them to gather their belongings. It is time for The Merge!

The Bakil Tribe sees a boat approaching their beach loaded with the Gota Tribe. They now learn that The Merge is upon them. Along with their belongings, they also bring a large chest, filled with new, green buffs and plenty of food. At first, everybody seems happy with the new arrangement. Malcolm suggests they name their new tribe Enil Edam, making up some silly story about it being a local term. Actually, it is his mother′s name spelled backwards…Madeline! The dummies go along. Phillip talks with Andrea about maintaining the Favorite alliance. Corrine and Malcolm plot to boot Sherri, first, then, with their secret alliance of 6, boot off Phillip.

Day 22 and it is time for the Immunity Challenge. The new tribe gathers as Jeff Probst tells them that the event is an old, classic Survivor favorite, the crazy food contest! In the first round, six players must eat two large beetle larvae. Did I mention that they were still alive and squirming away? Oh yes they are! Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie win while Sherri, Erick and Corrine are out. In Round 2, the other six players eat the same with Cochran, Phillip and Michael advancing. In Round 3, all six must wolf down a plate of ship worms. Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran win. In Round 4 its time for a duck embryo. Malcolm and Cochran advance to the final round, which is a big chunk of pig brain. It is a close affair but Cochran wins!

Back at camp, Cochran glows in his first individual immunity victory. Malcolm allows him to relish. Phillip begins scheming to boot either Reynold or Eddie, but Corrine tells him the easiest vote would be to boot Sherri, since nobody likes her. Corrine then pitches the Sherri boot to Andrea, Dawn and Cochran. Cochran is happy either way but is worried that the Phillip-Corrine conflict may boil over. Later, Corrine tells Dawn that after booting Sherri, they will blindside Phillip. She wants Dawn to join their alliance. Dawn panics and tells Phillip, who immediately goes bonkers and decides it is time to boot Corrine. Phillip tries to recruit Sherri for her support in this. Erik is caught in the middle and is swing vote.

At Tribal Council, Michael tells Jeff Probst that he thinks a fan will be voted off tonight. Corrine says that may happen but she is open to other options. Cochran acknowledges Corrine′s openness. Reynold says that the time to make a move is now. Erik say that the desperate have a chance tonight. Andrea is not comfortable with the situation while Sherri believes that the Fans do not have a chance.

Its time to vote. We see Phillip and Andrea vote to boot Corrine while Corrine and Michael vote to send Sherri packing. Jeff Probst counts the votes and it is 7 to 5 against Corrine! Erik decided to stick with Phillip and his alliance. So ends our recap of Survivor Caramoan, Episode 8. Spoilers for next week show Malcolm making a move to recruit allies while Eddie makes a romantic move on Andrea!

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