Celebrity April Fools Pranks

April 1, 2013

Whew, the life of a celebrity. if I wasn’t home working my tush off, I could come up with some awesoem pranks too. But instead I will just sit here and write about it..


Snooki is the winner this April fools day! The Jersey Shore star girl went all out, got dressed up in a wedding dress, made her man get dressed up and tricked fans into thinking she eloped. i even told my husband – “Snooki and Jionni eloped babe!! So cute!!!” Bwaa. Jokes on me. I mean check out that picture! That is wayyyyyyyy elaborate!!! She must have called in her hair and make-up team!


Mike Tyson also fooled fans with a pretty funny Tweet, telling people he was getting his face tattoo removed. Say what? Would you even recognize him?



Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, took it a bit too far IMO, saying she and Sophia were adopting a baby boy. Uggh. Sopia is with her grandmother half the time, let’s be real.Not that she is a bad mom, but she is too young and wants to do too much right now….


And my favorite underrated actress, Michelle Trachtenberg (I am a hardcore Buffy fan, sue me) told her fans that she was engaged.She may also believe in unicorns…


And a Mila Kunis fan pretended to be the actress on her unofficial Facebook page, announcing that she is expecting a baby with Ashton Kutcher.

Along with a photo of two positive pregnancy tests, the post read: ‘As you all probably know, I’m pregnant and I’ve decided to take the next 9 months off with Ashton Kutcher in Hawaii.

Too funny. I love seeing the playful side of celebs. Life is not that serious people!


Did you do or see an awesome April fools joke? Hit me up in the comments. I need a laugh.


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