Katie Price Pony Outfit: Fashion Fail (VIDEO)

March 26, 2013

Okay, this one is just to pass up. Katie Price actually sported a pony costume/outfit that is just ridiculous. I actually had to take a moment to stop laughing to post about it!

Getting a copy of the photo was a challenge, but you can watch the video below. She is actually doing it for the 5th Anniversary of KP Equestrian…whatever the heck that is!

She looks like some kind of scary My Little Pony mixed with a Minotaur. I’m just wondering if any children were nearby, because they would most likely have a complete freak-0ut attack.

Here it is:

What do you think? I guess the only semi-cool thing about it is her hair, but the outfit is just too silly — even at a horse event.


Pictures: PR Photos

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