Survivor Caramoan Episode 6 Recap

March 21, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 6 recap on Day 13 at Bikal Beach. The Favorites mull over their booting of Brandon Hantz after his high-drama escapades. Corrine and Phillip vent as they were the ones pushing for getting rid of Brandon. Both are also unhappy that none of their other allies defended them during Brandon′s tirade. But despite all of this, Phillip is still determined to get rid of Corrine next. He sees her as a threat to his power, so he plans to initiate what he calls, Operation Thunder Dome.

Day 14 at Camp Gota and tree-mail arrives. The message is cryptic and seems to indicate a Reward Challenge. Reynold hopes for a shift in The Game, as Eddie and he are still targets. Both tribes gather and Jeff asks all how they feel after yesterday′s events? Gota Tribe feels happy that they won immunity, even if it was by forfeit. Bikal Tribe is happy that they can now relax after Brandon′s departure. Matt then actually steps up and defends Phillip, unlike Secret Agent Man′s own allies. Jeff tells all to drop their buffs, it is time for a switch-a-roo!

Each player is handed an egg loaded with orange or purple paint. Jeff tells them to break their eggs to learn which tribe they will now be on. The new Gota Tribe has Reynold, Eddie, Sherrie, Brenda, Erik, Andrea and Malcolm. The new Bikal Tribe now has Phillip, Dawn, Corrine, Cochran, Matt, Michael and Julia. Jeff tells them to go back to camp and get acquainted. Each tribe also receives a fresh bag of rice and a new flint.

The new Gota Tribe is very happy and confident that they will win challenges. Reynold and Eddie start working on Malcolm and Erik to get rid of Sherrie. Meanwhile, she is schmoozing Andrea and Brenda about the evils of Reynold and Eddie. Malcolm then talks with Andrea about the divisions there. Over at Bikal, Phillip begins recruiting Julia, which makes Corrine uneasy. So she tells Dawn about this and how Phillip cannot be trusted.

Day 16. Apparently nothing much happened on Day 15. But it is time for an Immunity Challenge. Two from each tribe will take turns rolling one of six large crates to their platforms. Once all six are gathered, arrange them to form a staircase to the top of the platform and spell out the phrase, ′Fans vs Favorites.′ Gota leaps to a flying start and never looks back. They are younger and stronger than Bikal and wind up utterly destroying them. The lopsided victory goes to Gota.

Returning to Bikal Beach, Phillip makes a speech to ′buck-up′ the troops. This annoys Corrine. Later, Phillip tells Michael and Matt that Julia is the target. He also explains the Stealth-R-Us alliance, how each player has a secret code name and that they will be assigned a task to test their worthiness to join. No mention of a secret decoder ring! Julia then chats with Matt and Michael about booting Dawn. Corrine, who likes teaming up with gays, and Cochran then chat with M&M. Cochran is concerned that they are a power couple and must be broken up. The four Favorites then talk amongst themselves. Julia and Matt are the targets.

At Tribal Council, Matt tells all how happy he is playing with the Favorites. Julia is worried about being in the minority as a Fan. Michael also is concerned. Corrine talks about her gay friends. Phillip wants loyalty and strength from his alliance. Corrine is worried that one of the Fans might have an immunity idol. Matt says they do not. Cochran is worried about losing more challenges. It is time to vote.

We see Matt and Michael vote to boot Julia and Julia vote to boot Dawn. After Jeff Probst gathers the ballots, he asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Nobody does. The count goes 2 for Julia, one for Dawn and all four Favorites voted to boot Matt. Michael is saddened by this. So ends our recap of Survivor Caramoan Episode 6. Spoilers for next week show Phillip acting like he is He-Man while Malcolm starts playing ′his′ game.

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