Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail Time

March 18, 2013

Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail time but she did not get off completely free, in the latest legal drama surrounding the troubled starlet. Lilo is headed back to rehab again!

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In what might be one of the smartest things that Lindsay has done in a long time the actress struck a last minute plea deal that will send her to rehab instead of the slammer.  She will do a 90 stint in a yet to be named facility that will be a lock-down treatment center. Along with trying her hand at rehab once more time, Lohan will also have to undergo 18 months of psychological counseling as well as 30 hours of community service. Her community service hours will be done in New York because that is where she is reportedly residing these days. As for whether or not her lock-down treatment will be one in New York as well, that info has not been disclosed at this time.

Those of you wondering which legal battle has caused this new plea deal, it is the case where she lied to police. If you recall last summer Lilo crashed her Porsche and lied to the cops about what really went down, including who was actually driving the vehicle. She still has the assault case in New York to deal with, which I believe should be coming up soon. The train-wreck of an actress caused a stir yesterday when she cancelled her flight to Los Angeles leaving many to wonder if she would even turn up at her trial today. Turns out she just wanted to fly out to the sunshine state with her mama, Dina.

I don’t really know if another stint in rehab is going to do anything to help Lindsay Lohan. I men been there done that right but I guess it is better than jail. What are your thoughts on Lindsay escaping jail time in her latest court case?

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