Tone Loc Collapses On Stage

March 17, 2013

Famed rapper/singer Tone Loc collapsed on stage during a concert last night shutting down the whole event. A concert goer got the footage of the collapse on video and that has gone viral, you can see it below.

Photo: PR Photos

While performing in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa for a big St. Patty’s day concert Tone Loc, whose real name is Anthony Terrell Smith, suddenly collapsed on stage. TMZ is reporting that Tone suffered a seizure during the show. Apparently right after he got done singing one of his songs he just fell to the stage, leaving many wondering what the heck was going on and sending a very shocked audience home. The concert was obviously cancelled as paramedics attended to the fallen singer. It has not been confirmed that he suffered a seizure and as of now his condition is unknown.  At this time there has not been any word from his rep as to what actually happened or how he is doing right now.

This is not the first time that Tone has fallen or collapsed during a show. Back in June he collapsed during a show, his manager said the incident was due to heat exhaustion.  A couple of months later it was reported that he suffered a seizure while watching a comedy show. His manager later said that incident was due to food poisoning. I have had serious food poisoning before and I have never suffered a seizure, so I am not calling B.S. or anything but does seem a little suspicious to me.

Last night’s collapse marks the third time in about six months that Tone Loc has suffered a collapse or fall or whatever you want to call it. As his condition is still unknown you have to wonder what is really going on with the Wild Thing singer, clearly it is more than heat exhaustion. He is hoping that whatever is wrong with the singer that he gets well soon.

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