Survivor Caramoan Episode 5 Recap – Brandon Goes Wild!

March 14, 2013

Brandon Hantz went wild on last night′s Survivor Caramoan Episode 5, so let us begin the recap to fill you in on all of the drama! We start on Night 10 at Camp Gota where the tribe returns after booting Laura. Reynold, who used his hidden immunity idol, tells all that he hopes the tribe can move forward and start winning some challenges. Sherrie is unhappy with the results, she wanted either Reynold or Eddie gone, but went along with the others in voting out her ally, Laura. Over at Bikal Beach, Brandon is moaning about missing his wife and two children and volunteers to be booted off next. He then confesses to all that he had been considering burning down the shelter and urinating in the rice and beans. The others are shocked and worried.

Day 11 and Brandon changes his mind after a night of sleep. He is ready to stay in The Game. Good thing, too, for it is time for a Reward Challenge. The prize is a BBQ feast of steaks, sausages and even wine. The event is to have two members from each tribe hold up a net basket with a rope while the other tribe loads the nets with coconuts. The last net still held up wins. Brandon and Phillip hold for Bikal while Michael and Matt do so for Gota. The Gota tribe targets Brandon, loading his net full, first. Bikal follows suit focusing on Matt. Brandon caves first with Matt right behind him. So it comes down to Phillip and Michael. Both men struggle as their nets are filled. Michael relents and loses his grip, and the challenge. The Bikal Tribe winning streak continues.

Back at Camp Gota, they are frustrated with another loss. Sherrie more so as she did not think keeping Reynold or Eddie around would really matter. Everybody starts looking for the hidden immunity idol, but Reynold finds it! He keeps his success secret except for telling Eddie. Over at Bikal Beach, all eyes are on Brandon as he gets irritated with Phillip taking all the glory for their victory. The BBQ feast is spoiled as the two men bicker. Brandon later apologizes but Phillip lets him know that Brandon will only stay around if he says so!

Day 13, apparently Day 12 was a wash-out. It has been raining for two straight days now and everyone is feeling it. At Gota, the Fans are all soaked to the bone. At Bikal, the Favorites are not much better despite having a tarp on their shelter. Brandon is still fuming over Phillip. As tree-mail announces an Immunity Challenge, Phillip tells Andrea he is thinking that they should throw it to boot Brandon immediately. She tells Brandon about this and all hell breaks loose!

First, Brandon hunts down Phillip and confronts him about his leadership. He tells Phillip that nobody likes him or his silly ′Stealth-R-Us′ alliance with secret agent code-names. They argue and bicker and Phillip pushes Brandon off the edge with his arrogance. Brandon in turns goes wild and starts throwing their supply of rice and beans all over the wet ground. The rest of the Favorites try to calm him down, and recover what they can of their food. But it is now obvious that they are scared of what Brandon might do next.

Both tribes gather for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst inquires how they are all faring after the heavy rainstorms. Everybody is grumpy. Then Brandon addresses the Fans and tells them that today is their big break. He says that they have a shot at winning and advises them to not let Phillip win The Game. Corrine then speaks up and tells Jeff and the Fans that they, the Favorites, have decided to forfeit the challenge. Jeff allows Brandon to vent as he continues to unload on Phillip as being a dictator. He next informs all that he is quitting The Game, justifying it as a decision HE made, not Phillip.

Phillip attempts to defend himself and Andrea starts crying over all of the drama and tension. Brandon lets the Fans know that he has sabotaged the food supply for the Favorites, so they are all going to be equally miserable. Phillip starts up again berating Brandon as an immature brat. Jeff intervenes and decides to move things along. He has the Favorites give up the Immunity Idol to the Fans and holds an immediate Tribal Council with verbal, open voting. Brandon votes to boot Phillip and the rest of Bikal votes to send Brandon home.

Jeff has Brandon exit out the back way to keep him out of any further conflict. Bikal Tribe is relieved that the scourge of Brandon is gone. Jeff congratulates the Fans on their ′win′ and ponders if there is now going to be a shift in momentum? So ends the Survivor Caramoan Episode 5 recap of the last stand of Brandon Hantz. Spoilers for next week show that Phillip and Corrine are now eying each other for booting off. However, the dynamics change as the tribes are mixed up with the ′Old Switch-A-Roo.′

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