Justin Bieber Lisbon Show: Fashion Fail

March 12, 2013

Okay so when you throw the just barely grown version of Justin Bieber into a white suit with a low-cut undershirt he looks extremely girly. This defines the ultimate fashion fail.

I love me some Bieber. He is awesome, and I am a true Belieber. But wow, he needs to stop with this look. When you combine those sunglasses, the blonde-dyed hair and the Michael Jackson gloves, it’s almost like the drag queen version of the singer has come out.

Whoever came up with this look needs to be on the next plane home.

Normally he wears those weird, saggy pants that are almost like a throw-back to MC Hammer. I would almost prefer those over this KD Lang look.

He could easily play the double of the gal from the movie One Of The Guys.

It’s just creepy. Also, is that an upside-down triangle tattooed on his chest?

What are your thoughts on this epic, Justin Bieber fashion fail?

UPDATE: Thank you commenters. We knew what the tattoo was…it was part of the joke about his feminine look. Love you guys and Justin.

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