Sonja Morgan: Sloppy Drunk Fashion Fail!

March 8, 2013

Nothing spells class like the Real Housewives series. I mean, this is the series that has brought us NeNe Leakes for God’s sake. But we usually turn to the ladies of RHONY for some over the top class. Heck, there is a woman who parades around calling herself “the Countess.”

Photos: Sonja Morgan
Credit: PR Photos

So it comes as no surprise that one very intoxicated Sonja Morgan was out partying on a Thursday night. She was so slopper-doodled that she ended up on camera making very little sense.

For this little escapade Ms. Morgan, we give you the Fashion Fail of the week award — and no, you can’t drink it. Sorry.

She marches out in full fur (not sure if it’s real) saying something like… “you.. you’re that bad…”

Yes, doesn’t make any sense, we know. But then he tells her he is from TMZ and for some reason that is enough for her to turn and speak to him. They ask her about Demi Moore seeking alimony from Ashton. From there, all we get is some garbled nonsense.

It must be nice to be the queen of the toaster oven.


Check out some Sonja Morgan photos, and the now famous video below. Your thoughts?


Photos: Sonja Morgan
Credit: PR Photos

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