Survivor Caramoan Episode 4 Recap

March 7, 2013

We begin the Survivor Caramoan Episode 4 recap on Night 7 as the Gota Tribe returns to camp after booting Hope. She was too pretty and too chummy with Eddie and Reynold, so the Non-Lover Alliance engineered Hope′s demise in a split vote. They were hoping to force Reynold into using his idol, but that failed. Now Eddie and Reynold face the certainty that one of them is next to go, despite Laura and Shamar being weaker players.

Day 8 at Bikal Tribe finds Phillip recruiting Brandon and Brenda into his Stealth-R-Us Alliance. Brandon is assigned the secret code name of ′The Conqueror′. I forget what name Phillip gave Brenda, but it was even more lame. Brandon still thinks Phillip is a joke, and so do we!

It is time for a Reward Challenge! The prize will be a visit from a Philippine bushman who will teach the winning tribe all sorts of fun and useful survival tricks. The challenge event is a physical one. Two players from each tribe will stand on a platform while the remaining players use planks to help them traverse to two other platforms. After that, all of them will swim to a fourth platform. The first tribe to get all players ontop of or above the top of the 4th platform for 5 seconds wins. The race was very even but the Favorites of Bikal squeaked out a victory. Shamar thought that the Fans won but Laura had slowed them down.

The bushman arrives at Bikal Beach. I think his name was Kah-Ta, but does it really matter? He was an old, short fellow, less than 5 feet tall, but full of energy and wisdom. He brought along some food and prepared a feast, demonstrating an island method of cooking rice and other items inside bamboo rods. He also helped improved the shelter, too. Cochran became jealous of Kah-Ta as the bushman became a big hit with the ladies.

Day 9 at Camp Gota and we find Shamar snoozing the day away again. When he does wake up, he tells his tribe mates that he will not quit only if they serve him food in the shelter everyday. This guy simply does not want to do anything! Then Shamar starts complaining about how he scratched his left eye while rubbing it. Probably a grain of sand was involved. As night falls, the camp is overrun by rats as a hurricane rolls through.

Day 10 and Shamar′s eye is all puffed up. He stumbles about seeking pity. Jeff Probst arrives with the show′s doctor and medical team. After an examination, the doctor declares that there could be serious damage to Shamar′s eye and he will need to be taken out of The Game for further testing by an eye specialist. Shamar leaves with Jeff and the medics. Eddie and Reynold are glad to see him go, but realize that this makes them even more likely to be targets.

It is time for an Immunity Challenge. Players will swim out one at a time to a platform where they must jump off the top and break a tile to obtain one of five keys. Once all five keys are collected, two players will act to open three locks on a chest full of balls. Then they will throw the balls at stacks of bricks. First tribe to knock down all of their bricks win. The Favorites of Bikal start off with an early lead thanks to Erik. The Gota Tribe doesn′t come close to catching up until the very end when Phillip struggles to knock down his last bricks. Reynold closes the gap but there was simply too much ground to make up. Bikal wins immunity, again!

Back at camp, Eddie and Reynold scramble to survive. It is obvious to everyone that Laura is not helping the tribe at all during challenges. Sherrie is no great shake, either. Matt decides that they must now forget about the original alliance and do something to start winning challenges. Michael seems to be on the fence with this plan. Sherrie and Julia also hesitate to back-stab Laura. Matt tells Reynold that Laura is the target, but Reynold does not believe him.

At Tribal Council, Matt says that much of the tension is now gone since Shamar left. Sherrie still missies Shamar. Reynold says that this is the decisive moment when the tribe must decide between keeping the strongest players to win challenges or sticking to their alliances. Eddie calls out Laura as the weakest link while she claims that loyalty and trust are more important. Sherrie is not convinced that they will be better off in the long run.

It is time to vote. We see Eddie vote for Laura and she votes to boot Reynold. Reynold does play his idol, however, Laura cast the only vote against him. Everybody else sent Laura packing. So ends our Survivor Caramoan Episode 4 recap. Spoilers for next week show Brandon gone wild! He′s tearing up the camp as he yells and taunts the others. Should be a lot of fun watching!

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