Soap Dish: AMC and OLTL Are Back!

March 2, 2013

It is Soap Dish time again and this week I am dishing all about the fabulous news that One Life To Live and All My Children have begun production again, woohoo!

February 25th was a banner day for soap operas, production for AMC and OLTL online began. That is right after a year of speculation about whether or not the shows would continue online, not only are the cameras rolling but the casts are pretty much in place. With the exception of a few vetrans who are still ironing out deals, Susan Lucci sure hope your deal is done soon, the OLTL and AMC families have been brought back together. There are some new members thanks to roles that had to be recast but none the less most of the key players are in place.

The social media world was a buzz about this fantastic news. I for one follow Cady McClain on Twitter and she has been sharing some behind the scenes photos with her fans. Tweets and Facebook pages a like are buzzing with cast news, upcoming interviewes etc. Entertainment tonight even went behind the scenes at a photo shoot for the shows, you can see a video clip from that below.

Although there are still issues to be ironed out, the fact that these two iconic shows have been brought back to life is so amazing. I was a big fan of both and I can’t wait to see what Prospect Park has in store for my favorite folks in Pine Valley and Landview. However that being said I am preparing myself for the fact that despite what appears to be the best efforts of the powers that be at PP to keep the shows as they were, they very well may not be. They could be greater or not so great who knows but either way history has been made.

What are you most excited about the return of All My Children and One Life To Live?

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