Linda Hogan DUI Arrest: More Than One Glass?

February 28, 2013

Sure, sure Linda Hogan. DUI arrests are always done by mistake. You only had one glass of champagne, which totally explains your elevated BAL of .084. Right? Well, police said it was NOT.

Photo: Linda Hogan
Credit: LA County Sheriff

Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in all of the 50 states — even Texas. So this case is no exception. Just because she was allegedly caught speeding around Malibu, then failing a breathalyzer, doesn’t mean anything. She told them all it took was a single glass.

Now for the awesome story cooked up by her people. What caused her to seem intoxicated? They say she only had one glass of champagne at an event, and that she was on antibiotics which multiplied the effects of the alcohol.

Regardless, she earned two separate charges. Lucky for her it’s her first ever DUI arrest, which means she will likely avoid the option of jail time. She will most likely go into some sort of treatment program, or surrender his license for a while until she is released from the program.

That will be that.

Meanwhile her ex-husband has been in the news lately himself. You may remember all of the drama surrounding the alleged “sex tape,” that he alleged starred in. Maybe all of this stress has gotten to her head and it’s starting to bottle up.

I doubt it though, they both seemed to have moved on quite well for having been together so long. It still bums me out that they are divorced. While Hulk was ultra over protective of his kids, I grew up watching him on TV and he is from my home town. They live a few miles away, or they did when they were married. This was a sad case of the reality show curse. I hope they can both be happy in the long run though.

Looking back on her old reality show with the hulkster, it didn’t seem like they drank that much. But apparently there is a problem now.

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