Ice T Diles For Divorce?!

February 28, 2013

Say it ain’t so!!! How will I get my Ice and Coco fix? I love these two as a couple, so I hope this is a rumor.

So a while back some skanky pictures of Coco schmoozing up on rapper AP9 who then felt the need to brag about something more happening. Coco apologized and Ice definitely sounded off that he was unhappy with the situation. But if I am giving my professional opinion, and I am usually right about these things, that AP9 guy just wanted his 15 minutes. While the pictures were a bit inappropriate, I don’t think Coco actually cheated.

Now there are reports that Ice has filed for divorce and wants his plastic surgery back.

“I can’t unbreak my heart, but I can take that ass back tho” said an obviously hurt Ice T in front of a courthouse Friday morning after filing for divorce from his wife of 11 years Mrs. Coco T after pictures of her kissing a fan surfaced online. “She can have the money, the house, but them t*tties is mine” Ice T said after explaining that hitting her where it hurts will do more damage than leaving her broke ever would. “I’ma let her start March off with nobody and no body.” Ice T wants her assets delivered to the doorstep of his New Jersey estate no later than March 1st or any monetary support Coco would receive from the divorce will be withdrawn. Friends close to Coco say she is devastated as without her cosmetic surgery she’s just another white girl without an ass.

I am calling this 100% BS. You know my first clue is that Coco did an ultrasound on tv to prove her butt is authentic. Obviously her boobs are a different story, she has talked about having them done. But the butt is real. So this story is false. And I hope it stays that way – I need my Ice and Coco fix with Spartacus and Maximius.

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