Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 Recap

February 28, 2013

We begin our Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 recap on Night 5 as the Gota Tribe returns from Tribal Council. Allie of the Lover′s Alliance was voted off while they casted their four votes against Shamar, the lazy ex-Marine. Shamar explodes back at camp, even yelling at his own alliance members. Things get very ugly, very fast as some wonder if they voted off the wrong person?

Day 6 at Gota Beach and Shamar is still fuming. Sherri tries to calm him down but it is pointless. Shamar is now considering quitting The Game because his precious feelings have somehow been hurt. Over at the Bikal Tribe, Phillip exercises while Corrine tries to connect with Malcolm. Together they find a hidden immunity idol. Andrea and Cochran take notice of how chummy Corrine and Malcolm are becoming. They start spreading paranoia around, talking with others like Phillip and Brandon about booting off Corrine. But Brandon is suspicious of anything coming from Andrea.

Back at Gota, Shamar publicly announces his desire to quit playing. He says he is unhappy and a million dollars is not worth all of the grief he is dealing with. Shamar admits that he has had anger issues before when returning home from Iraq and leaving the military. Sherri talks him out of quitting and Shamar now sees himself as a hero for staying in The Game. Even Reynold is amazed at this turn of events.

Day 7 and it is time for another combination Immunity-Reward Challenge. The prize are comfort items, like pillows, along with a nice tarp. The event is a watery race off shore to open a bamboo cage and carry a chest back to shore. Then, using a grappling ring, snag three sections of a track to move the chest to the winners mat. The Favorites get a slight lead when they open their cage first. But the Fans take over as they are more organized in carrying the chest to shore. The race is all even as both tribes try to snag their last piece of track. Brandon connects for the Favs while Eddie misses. The Favorites win immunity and the comfort reward.

No sooner than they return to camp, Shamar starts up again arguing with Reynold. The Non-Lover Alliance, NLA, decide to split their votes 3-3 between Hope and Eddie to maybe draw out Reynold′s immunity idol. But then Shamar tells Hope how the women will vote to boot her and the men will vote to boot Eddie. Hope tells Julia about this who in turns consults the other members of the NLA. Laura, Julia and even Matt seem to be rethinking their votes. Maybe Shamar needs to go now?

At Tribal Council Reyonld talks about Shamar and his nasty attitude. Shamar accuses Reynold of being a liar and then rants about how he is the victim of all negativity. Hope tells Jeff Probst about Shamar spilling the beans on tonight′s vote. Julia and Matt toss Shamar under the bus for this breech of security. Hope and Eddie both think Shamar is too negative for their tribe to get anything accomplished.

It is time to vote. We see Eddie and Shamar trade votes. Reynold does not play his idol and Jeff counts the ballots. The result is a 3-way tie between Shamar, Hope and Eddie. The other six members vote again, this time for just one of those three. The NLA sticks together and boots Hope 5 to 1.

So ends our Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 recap. Spoilers for next week show the Fans thinking they have hit rock bottom thanks to the divisions caused by Shamar. But then a hurricane hits and their camp site is overrun by rats! What else will go wrong?

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