Vampire Diaries: Stand by Me Recap

February 21, 2013

Wow, I just finished watching the Vampire Diaries: Stand by Me and I am left feeling depressed and well, uggh, is all I can think to say. I am not excited for future episodes, and I am hoping that is poor promotion on their part.


So it is final, Jeremy is dead, Elena has lost everyone in her family! How much can a person take? It looks like the ring no longer can save him because Jeremy was one of the five vampire hunters, meaning he had super natural powers. I was wondering why they had him playing such a strong role this season, and now we know – it was to attach us to his character only to rip our hearts out. Blah.

And poor Elena – I have been saying she is such a weakling – such a needy, crybaby. But this episode – she can cry all she wants. I did.

Stefan and Damon came together to be strong and do what is best for Elena, showing they both have unconditional love for her. But now she has no humanity – at least there is hope she will be fun now.

Other crap we found out this episode that totally leaves us hanging, but doesn’t make the episode any less depressing – Silas is now Shane and is convincing Bonnie to kill 12 people, Katherine has the cure and Rebekah is still looking for it.

Elena burned down her house, with Jeremy in it which had me in tears. They did a great job at tugging at the heart strings. Oh and when Matt took Elena to the stoner circle. Man. I just need to see more Damon and Elena action. Then the world will be okay again. For a moment.

The next episode, Bring It On looks to be a bit spicy as Elena pretty much seems to take on Katherine’s personality. It doesn’t air until March 13. Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, but I am still wallowing in tonight’s disappointing episode.

Did you watch? What dd you think?

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