Survivor Caramoan Episode 2 Recap

February 21, 2013

We begin this week′s Survivor Caramoan Episode 2 recap on Night 3 with the Bikal Tribe. They made history at Tribal Council, voting off Francesca. She is now the first player to be the first player voted off twice. Brandon is upset with Dawn and the others for this outrage. Dawn tries to explain her decision but Brandon tells her and Cochran that despite them going along with Phillip and his alliance, they will still not finish the game or win. Dawn breaks down and cries. Brandon tells Erik he is thinking of ′going Russell′, acting like his uncle and making life miserable for everyone.

Day 4 and the folks at Gota Tribe are busy working around the camp, except for Shamar. He′s kicking back relaxing the day away in the shelter. Some think about maybe booting him for his lousy work ethic, but Sherri wants to keep him around. She offers Shamar a spot with the ′Non-Lovers′ Alliance. Their goal is to break up the two couples, Reynold and Allie or Eddie and Hope. Sherri also figures that Shamar will be generally disliked making him a good stooge to be the focus of much blame.

Back at Bikal, Brandon has calmed down and has a chat with Cochran. Nerd Boy still does not trust Brandon, thinking that he could explode at any moment. Phillip joins the chat and tells Brandon that he is the CEO of the tribe and that Brandon is barely a mid-level manager. Huh? Brandon scampers off and tells others how Phillip is a bully and a tyrant.

Day 5 and it is time for a combo Immunity-Reward Challenge. The prizes are immunity and fishing gear. The event is a race to recover nine small life preservers caged underwater off shore. Then bring them back to shore and use them to score 3 ′ring tosses.′ The Favorites build a lead as the Fans struggle and are disorganized. The Favorites win.

Back at Bikal Beach, the Favorites celebrate their victory. Phillip assigns secret code names to members of his ′Stealth-R-Us′ Alliance. Malcolm thinks Phillip is insane! Over at Gota, Reynold calls out Shamar for being a lazy bum with a bad attitude. They argue back and forth with Shamar getting louder and nastier. Matt considers switching sides to support the Lovers Alliance who want to boot Shamar. Sherri talks her alliance into voting off Allie. Reynold finds the hidden immunity idol without any clues! Julie notices a bulge in his pants and figures that he has the idol.

At Tribal Council, Matt tells Jeff Probst about the two factions in the tribe. Shamar admits to not working much in order to conserve his strength. Julie outs Reynold and his idol, which he shows to all. It is time to vote. We see Reynold vote for Shamar and Julie for Allie. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play their idol and Reynold decides not to. The count is 6 to 4 against Allie as the Non-Lover Alliance holds together.

So ends our Survivor Caramoan recap of Episode 2. Spoilers for next week show Shamar being very angry at camp following Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Brandon considers urinating in the rice and bean supplies for the Bikal Tribe. Oh boy!

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