Lady Gaga Cancels Remaining Born This Way Ball Tour Dates

February 16, 2013

There are going to be some very unhappy little monsters roaming around this month. It was just announced that Gaga has been forced to cancel the rest of her tour dates due to an injured hip.

Photo: Lady Gaga
Credit: PR Photos

I guess one of the most energetic performers in the music business is starting to show signs of wear. Gaga puts on the most insane shows. There are theatrical elements, dramatic costuming, and amazing choreography, but to achieve all of that you have to be in tip top shape.

Gaga has been known to dance like an animal for an entire set, and somehow still sing well. Sadly, she won’t be able to hit the stage for the rest of her concert tour dates.

It turns out that Gaga has injured herself and her doctor is not playing games:

“Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip caused by strenuous repetitive movements in her performances. She will need surgery to repair the problem, followed by strict down time to recover.”

Sounds like all of that gyrating can actually hurt at the end of the day. Those “repetitive movements” are some of her trademark hip thrusting dances. She is known for pushing it to the limits, but even Gaga has a breaking point.

She will have to take it easy if she expects to be able to dance like she did before. Hopefully once the surgery is done she can find something relaxing to do for a while, you know, like avoiding jumping and prancing around on stage.

Meanwhile the poor thing has other problems going on. Her former assistant wants a piece of her bank account. This lady actually hopes to get nearly $400K in what she claims is “unpaid overtime.”

Sounds like somebody needs a little down time. Come back soon and do another pop takeover when you’re better, Gaga!

Check out some Lady Gaga photos while you’re at it.

Photo: Lady Gaga
Credit: PR Photos

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