Adele’s Grammy Awards 2013 Fashion Fail!

February 16, 2013

This is beyond obvious — and a little late — but her choice of a dress (or whatever that was) was just too hideous to leave alone. Adele’s Grammy Awards (2013) dress was the biggest, most epic fashion fail of this year so far.

Photo: Adele
Credit: PR Photos

First off, my grandmother might just dig herself up out of her grave to politely ask Adele over for tea, at which point she would really scold her for stealing her couch covers. I mean, who takes things from a sweet old lady?

Secondly, the poof is just too poofy. Yes, Adele just had a baby a few months before the awards show. I emphasize “HAD” a baby. She isn’t carrying around another human underneath there, so I have to wonder, what the heck is underneath there?

Did she wear a huge fanny pack under her dress? Lord have mercy.

Adele, please, keep your amazing voice amazing. But let’s go ahead and consult with someone who isn’t blind next time we go to an awards show. Okay?

Check out some photos of her fashion fail below. Your thoughts?

Photos: Adele
Credit: PR Photos

Video: Adele Grammy Awards 2013

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