Vin Diesel Sings Rihanna’s ‘Stay’, Video Goes Viral

February 15, 2013

He is smoking hot, can act and apparently Vin Diesel can sing Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ just about as good as she can. No that is not a lie and you can see exactly what I am talking about when you watch the below video.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

On Valentines Day Vin did a rendition of RiRi’s hit song that has not only gone viral but has made many swoon, including myself. The hunky actor posted the video to his Facebook page on the day that is all about love. In a matter of hours the video had been shared 26,000 times and viewed by more than 39 million people. I guess you could say Diesel took over the Internet for a day.

In the footage The Fast and The Furious star gets up to sing and says “Happy V day amore” to whoever is listening basically. While he belts out the tune karaoke style, a video of Riihanna in the nude and singing the song too, plays along. But for once it isn’t the sexy singer that people are talking about but the muscular actor dressed in jean and a jacket, looking mighty fine I might add. Turns out the beefcake has killer pipes, as his voice shifted from very deep to very tender if you will. I know it seems very odd that someone who looks like Vin could really carry a soft ballad tune but that just goes to show you can’t judge a book by the cover.

I personally have watched the video a few times and it is amazing! I can totally see why it has gone viral. There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous man who can sing and Diesel is so that. Thanks Vin for making my Valentines even better. I have given you might thoughts on the video of Vin Diesel singing Rihanna’s song ‘Stay’ going viral now I want to know what you think so please feel free to share them with me.

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